Joseph: Awakening the Dreamer Within

Joseph: Awakening the Dreamer Within

Are you a dreamer? Do you frequently have dreams? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

The Great Dream of 1996

I still remember the very first prophetic dream I ever had. I was 8 years old and I obviously had no idea that I was a prophet. I was sleeping my bed when I woke up screaming that “The plane is on fire! I’m on fire! We’re all gonna die!!” My mom, gammy and papa ran into my Little Mermaid-clad room to see what was going on. I was sweating profusely and crying repeating that the plane was going to crash and we were all going to die. Someone said, “What plane?” and I screamed, “TWA 800! Call TSA!”

Obviously, at this age, I had no idea what TWA or TSA was, but I knew that we were all going to die. After a few minutes of coaxing, I calmed down. My family convinced me that I just had a bad dream and that I needed to go to bed so I could be well rested for school.

The next morning, I awoke to CNN reporting that TWA flight 800 had crashed and all 230 people on board had died. Crazy enough, the actual crash happened around the time that I woke up in a panic the night before.

Now, while I’m grateful that my family didn’t call anyone (we would have clearly been under all types of FBI investigations, etc), my dream revealed the third-deadliest plane crash in US history.


If that didn’t shake you, then idk. Our dreams don’t just reveal prosperity, houses and land. Dreams aren’t just a consequence of what you eat. When our dreams come from the Lord (because they can also come from other places), they can warn us, give us insight and strategy, as well as prepare us for what’s next.

I can recall many times when my dreams warned me about how someone was going to approach me, or about a witch trying to attach to me, or even about my future husband. So much can be discovered via our dreams.

How to Dream

This may sound strange, but you can actually cause your dreams to occur. If you are a person who desires to commune with God during your sleep, here are a couple of tips I have used and shared for years:

  • Play the book of Ezekiel or Daniel very low when you go to bed. Both of them were seers who dreamed as well as interpreted visions.

  • Ask God to give you insight in your sleep. During your prayer time, simply request that God open your spiritual eyes in your sleep.

Always remember to pray and cast down vain imaginations before you go to bed. You can also bind the dream catcher (spirit that keeps you from dreaming) and the dream snatcher (spirit that keeps you from remembering your dreams) which helps a lot.

Next Time

On the next installment of the Joseph Series, we will talk about the three sources of our dreams and how we an differentiate between them all. Comment down below anything you want concerning dreams and I will try to respond. Stay tuned.

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