Maximum Security

Maximum Security

I was sitting in my Thursday night prophetic class listening to one of the prophets pour out her heart concerning her trials. The topic of the night was obedience. One of the greatest ways that the enemy plays with the mind of believers is through rejection. Rejection is actually the root of hundreds of other demonic entities (I talk about this in my new book). As the prophet was sharing her heart about loneliness and marriage, she uttered four words that had me #SisterShook...

I've. Served. My. Time.

Going back and listening to the recording, I actually heard myself audibly shudder. How could she sit there and say that?? She served her time?!

As wrong as her statement was, I had to quickly go back to a moment in time where I felt the same way - I just never spoke about it. I had given God years of service where I didn't date, I fasted and prayed, I cried and poured it all out to Him and for what?! I quickly realized that I had also suffered from this condition - entitlement.

believing oneself to be inherently deserving of privileges or special treatment.

Too many of us are walking around in the body of Christ with a sense of entitlement. We feel as though we have "served our time" and deserve our promises and blessings now. Don't get me wrong. The word of God is clear in Galatians 6:9 that if we don't grow weary in well doing and don't faint, we will reap a harvest of blessings. But that's just it! We too often grow weary and don't make it through the rough season before the harvest. Let's break down a couple of things:


a fit or suitable time | any time as distinguished from others
a time of some continuance but not long | not a permanent time according to Acts 13:11

So prior to our DUE season, we often experience a few other seasons like sowing, toiling, waiting/weeding, etc. (comment down below if you want a whole spiritual breakdown of sowing, harvesting, seasons, etc). Usually, when we get to that waiting/weeding season, we fall. Why? Because that season is usually very long, cold and dark (figuratively), labor-intensive and honestly...HARD. It's easier (in our minds) to give up and do what we want than it is to just submit and surrender to the process.

Let's use marriage as an example. If you are a person who has been on your journey for a while and you're doing everything God is requiring of you yet you're still unmarried, you can get very frustrated. Here you are doing everything right (praying, fasting, tithing, sowing, consecrating, saving your body, etc) and you aren't seeing any results. In fact, you're becoming more and more lonely. Your "doing right" has gone on for a while and you have "served your time", yet you're more and more single by the day.

Question: When did serving God become a prison sentence?

Well, what do you mean, Kendra? I mean... "serving your time" is something you do when you are punished and imprisoned. When an inmate does well and serves their time with good behavior, they are released and are free to move about the cabin. Is serving God bondage?

According to 1 Peter 2:16 and Romans 7:6, it's actually the opposite. When we live our lives as servants of God, we access liberty and the inheritance that is promised to us as joint-heirs with Christ (Romans 8:17).

So in essence, "serving your time" doesn't end - in fact, it's what you have signed up for when you received salvation. But, let me encourage you. Your temporary season of hardship cannot last forever. The key is to learn to embrace that season. Trust God and pour out your heart and true feelings to Him. Learn to be content with where you are in the process. That space is where you will find peace and the patience to endure.

We know that there is joy in the morning (Psalm 30:1-5) and that better is the end of a thing than the beginning thereof (Ecclesiastes 7:8). In other words, you will come out of your tough season. You will be victorious. What's to come is better than what's been and God wants to supersede your expectations. Let Him do it.

Complete the Mission

Complete the Mission

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No Matter What Happens