Prophetess Kendra Y. Hill was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas where she was brought into the knowledge of the Lord.  At the tender age of seven, Kendra knew that there was something different about her. She received salvation at the age of eight years old, and soon after began to accurately prophesy. She began having dreams and visions that would immediately manifest in days, sometimes hours after she would speak them to her family. While in high school, she was licensed in ministry and began preaching and teaching the word of the Lord.

During her college years, Kendra worked full-time while serving in ministry.  She experienced some life-changing events that gave her an even greater reverence for God.

Kendra has built her preaching platform on transparency, authenticity, and accountability.  One of her most notable teachings is entitled, “Whores, Worshippers, and Wives”.  Because of this series, many women have been set free from their mental and spiritual bondage.  As a sought after Prophetess, Kendra is known for her accuracy, humility and accessibility.  Many have reported financial breakthroughs, extreme deliverance, and restored relationships through her ministry.

Kendra is the Lead Stylist and Creative Director at The Modern Disciple – a brand focused on making women (and men) feel powerful through simple, intriguing style. With this vision, Kendra has been able to style dozens of clients including celebrities and has numerous published editorials.

Along with her ministry and work with The Modern Disciple, Kendra has worked as the Editor in Chief of Garbed in Modesty Magazine – the first fashion-based, faith-inspired publication in the world. She was integral in the launch in November 2017 and managed a team of journalists who provide news on fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and spirituality both digitally and in print.  

Kendra earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and her Executive Master of Business Administration degree in Strategic Management and Leadership from Howard University.  She is currently pursuing a Doctorate in Organizational Leadership at The George Washington University.